Guidelines for Paper Submissions to the Proceedings of GermEval Task 2018

The style guidelines follow the Konvens guidelines, accessible at:

Your participation paper should comprise between 4 and 8 pages of content (excluding
references). It should be submitted as a pdf-document via:

Your participation paper must be written in English. You should describe the design of the system you built. What classifier(s) did you use? What features did you employ? Which NLP tools/resources did you use? You are also free to report on preliminary evaluations you carried out prior to submitting your runs to the organizers. If you plan on  making your code publically available, we encourage you to include a link in your paper.

Each paper will be reviewed with respect to readability and relevance. If your paper contains a significant amount of formal errors or discusses off-topic material, we will reject your submission. Rejecting your paper will also mean that your submission will be excluded from the official publication listing the results of all submitted runs!

Participants of the shared task will not be able to provide an evaluation of their system on the actual test data. This is due to the fact the labelled test data will only be released after the submission deadline of the participation papers. However, the organizers will publish an evaluation of all submitted system runs afterwards. That evaluation will address the different system runs by the filename of your submission files (see also the naming conventions we require).
In order to be able to find out what a particular system run of a particular group stands for, it is vital that you describe each of your submitted runs in your participation.

Please also address these runs by exactly the identifiers you used in your system submissions (i.e. the filename of your submission files).

In case your submission contains some marginal shortcomings, we will ask you rectify them. If you fail to comply with the list of corrections we request in the given time span, we will ultimately reject your submission.