Germeval 2018

Germeval Task 2018 — Shared Task on the Identification of Offensive Language

The proceedings of GermEval Task 2018 can be found here

The results of the evaluation, that is, the ranking of all system runs that were submitted to the shared task, are publicly available via the following GIT-repository:

A summary of the survey is available at:


Workshop Program

The workshop was held on Friday, September 21, in Vienna, Dr. Ignaz-Seipel-Platz 2 (Clubraum)..


09:00 – 10:30     Oral Talks – Session 1


09:00 – 10:00     Welcome and Overview of the GermEval 2018 Shared Task on the

                              Identification of Offensive Language

                              Melanie Siegel, Josef Ruppenhofer, and Michael Wiegand

10:00 – 10:30     
TUWienKBS at GermEval 2018: German Abusive Tweet Detection

                              Joaquín Padilla Montani and Peter Schüller


10:30 – 11:00    Coffee Break


11:00 – 12:30    Oral Talks – Session 2


11:00 – 11:30     Transfer Learning from LDA to BiLSTM-CNN for Offensive Language Detection in


                             Gregor Wiedemann, Eugen Ruppert, Raghav Jindal, and Chris Biemann


11:30–12:00       Feature Explorations for Hate Speech Classification

                             Tatjana Scheffler, Erik Haegert, Santichai Pornavalai, and Mino Lee Sasse


12:00–12:30       Offensive Language Detection with Neural Networks for Germeval Task 2018

                             Dominik Stammbach, Polina Stadnikova, Azin Zahraei, and Dietrich Klakow


12:30–13:30      Lunch Break


13:30–14:30      Oral Talks – Session 3


13:30–14:00      Offensive Language without Offensive Words (OLWOW)

                            Manfred Klenner

Challenges of Automatically Detecting Offensive Language Online: Participation

                             Paper for the Germeval Shared Task 2018 (HaUA)

                             Tom De Smedt and Sylvia Jaki


14:30–16:00     Poster Session and Coffee

                             CNN-Based Offensive Language Detection

                             Jian Xi, Michael Spranger, and Dirk Labudde


                             Fine-Grained Classification of Offensive Language

                            Julian Risch, Eva Krebs, Alexander Löser, Alexander Riese, and Ralf Krestel


                            German Hate Speech Detection on Twitter

                            Samantha Kent


                             GermEval 2018 : Machine Learning and Neural Network Approaches for Offensive

                             Language Identification

                             Pruthwik Mishra, Vandan Mujadia, and Soujanya Lanka


                             h_da Submission for the Germeval Shared Task on the Identification of Offensive Language

                             Melanie Siegel and Markus Meyer


                             HIIwiStJS at GermEval-2018: Integrating Linguistic Features in a Neural Network

                             for the Identification of Offensive Language in Microposts

                             Johannes Schäfer


                            InriaFBK at Germeval 2018: Identifying Offensive Tweets Using Recurrent Neural


                             Michele Corazza, Stefano Menini, Pinar Arslan, Rachele Sprugnoli, Elena Cabrio,

                             Sara Tonelli, and Serena Villata


                            KAUSTmine – Offensive Comment Classification on German Language Microposts

                            Matthias Bachfischer, Uchenna Akujuobi, and Xiangliang Zhang


                             RuG at GermEval: Detecting Offensive Speech in German Social Media

                             Xiaoyu Bai, Flavio Merenda, Claudia Zaghi, Tommaso Caselli, and Malvina Nissim


                             Saarland University’s Participation in the GermEval Task 2018 — Examining

                             Different Types of Classifiers and Features

                             Michael Wiegand, Tatiana Anikina, Anastasija Amann, Aikaterini Azoidou, Anastasia

                             Borisenkov, Kirstin Kolmorgen, Insa Kröger, and Christine Schäfer


                             spMMMP at GermEval 2018 Shared Task: Classification of Offensive Content in

                             Tweets using Convolutional Neural Networks and Gated Recurrent Units

                             Dirk von Grünigen, Ralf Grubenmann, Fernando Benites, Pius von Däniken, and

                             Mark Cieliebak


                             Towards the Automatic Classification of Offensive Language and Related

                             Phenomena in German Tweets

                             Julián Moreno Schneider, Roland Roller, Peter Bourgonje, Stefanie Hegele, and

                             Georg Rehm


                             ULMFiT at GermEval-2018: A Deep Neural Language Model for the Classification

                             of Hate Speech in German Tweets

                              Kristian Rother and Achim Rettberg


                              upInf – Offensive Language Detection in German Tweets

                              Bastian Birkeneder, Jelena Mitrović, Julia Niemeier, Leon Teubert, and Siegfried



16:00-17:00     Discussion + Closing


Workshop Registration

All details regarding the workshop registration can be found on the KONVENS-2018 website.