Title Description
Aspects of Linguistic Complexity A comparative German – Norwegian Valence Approach to the Creation of Resources for Easy-To-Understand Language.
CERC Conference The Collaborative European Research Conference (CERC) is a peer reviewed conference that was initiated by a long standing research collaboration between Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) and the Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. It includes new partners from the University of Hagen, Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences along with industry partners, NSilico Life Science and many more.
DeTOx Das Forschungsprojekt DeTox befasst sich mit der automatischen Erkennung von Toxizität und Aggressionen in Postings und Kommentaren im Netz. Motto: Hass ist Gift!
Interest Group on German Sentiment Analysis (IGGSA) This shared task is endorsed by the Interest Group on German Sentiment Analysis - IGGSA as well as the Interest Group on Social Media Analysis of the German Society for Computational Linguistics and Language Technology - GSCL.
SAGE-CARE The aim of the project SAGE-CARE project is to bring together subject matter experts from the academic and non-academic sectors to create a holistic informatics platform for rapidly integrating genomic sequences, electronic health records (EHR) and research repositories to enable personalised medicine strategies for malignant melanoma treatment in a clinical setting. This will be done by sharing knowledge between the consortium partners who will work together towards the development of secure semantically integrated scalable high performance technology that combines genomic sequences and validated research findings with electronic health records.
vis Research Group on Human-Computer-Interaction and Visual Analytics at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences


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